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The Roots of SWITCH and DEBARGE

The 25th Anniversary Issue of SMASH

The CD release of The 25th Anniversary Issue of SMASH including 16 page booklet.

NOW available for purchase through this website!

Also available: Photo of SMASH (1979) incl.Randy, Mark and El DeBarge

14% of the cd sale, based on the retail prize, and 50% of the sale of the SMASH photo, shall be donated "The Cause of AUTISM AWARENESS". For everybody affected like my son Alex, Randy DeBarge´s daughter Courtney and DeBarge´s cousin Claude Allen´s son Sebastian, to help getting them into a loving, structured and peaceful environment.

Soko (RIP) - Bernd - Bobbie - Randy

I delegate this re-issue to all our children
in loving memories to Duck, Soko and Bobby

Special spiritual thanks to Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, to Etterlene DeBarge and Mark DeBarge, for our prayers over the telephone, between California, Michigan and Hamburg/Germany, Gregory Williams, Bunny DeBarge, Tommy DeBarge, Randy DeBarge, El DeBarge, James DeBarge, Chico DeBarge, Peaches and Daryl DeBarge - THICK -, to Adrienne and Alex; Robert Penniman, my brother and Little Richard, you are both incredible; the German staff: Roman K., Alireza Sanatjou, Michael Jenkner, My Webmaster Christian

Heart, Mind and Soul

Bernd Lichters

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The Soul and Funk Webring

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