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My life experience in California at that time was very special. It was a hippie time. I was playing bid wiz, a Texas card game played within the African American community, on Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco, partied at clubs in South Central L.A., Watts and Compton, at regular hours, after hours and at early hour jam sessions. I drove from L.A. to Austin, Texas with my new girl, Catherine, to her mother in the projects and back to L.A. By then, I was living on Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive. We called it the Strip. The Whiskey, then called Whiskey-A-Go-Go, was the newest club at the time. My beer and pool club was The Corner Pocket on the Strip, which has since been replaced with a new office building for TV and Movie Producers. I brought Catherine to Germany to sing in clubs in Hamburg mainly Dennis´ Swing Club and later in a musical, "Oh Calcutta". She was the only African American cast member at the Operetten Haus in Hamburg, the Continental European Premiere Play. She made front cover on one of the German magazines at the time. During 1969 and 1970, while taking a college course, I became friends with a member of the LOS ANGELES RAMS, left corner back No. 24, CLANCY WILLIAMS. God bless his soul, he died in 1987. Because of him, I met the whole team one of the best in the NFL at the time. I was already a fan in Canada, especially when I was watching GAYLE SAYERS. One of my acquaintances was JERRY PETERS, who was organizing the Martin Luther King Memorial Sporting Events, the most famous track and field events. In 1970, Jerry organized the Martin Luther King Memorial Baseball All-star Game EAST vs. WEST at Dodger Stadium in L.A. It was the only one ever played and I was an invited VIP. During the after-party at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown L.A., I was able to personally meet baseball legends, WILLY MAYS and HANK AARON.

In 1972 I was working in the music industry for Chappell Music in Germany, mainly doing publishing rights, administration and getting involved with black talent from the Caribic in Germany. At the end of 1972, I returned to the USA, relocating to Austin, Texas, where I did my first studio recording session with Catherine. The clubs I went to were the Chicken Shack in Austin and I can´t recall the name of the joint in Tyler, Texas, but it was a small, wooden shack with a three-piece rhythm&blues band. The whole joint was jumping up and down, and the ladies poured their drinks out on the floor once they returned from their trip to the ladies room because no one was trusted with their drinks. Someone might have poured something into it. I had my troubles with Catherine living in the projects together with her mom, who I loved dearly, children, brothers and sisters. I lost everything and we broke up. Next, I was traveling with Billy Daniels, a big time Texas player, including his two hures, driving a limo around Texas, to Wichita, Kansas and ending up in Lawton, Oklahoma. After taking heat, tornadoes, etc., I was glad to fly back to L.A. in August 1973 and feel a breath of Pacific Ocean air.

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