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There was no group home available. Alex loves to walk with me holding him from behind, where he places my hands in a certain way. I am like his security blanket. Also, I learned how he was putting things together in his head, taking his time. I learned that you had to prepare Alex way in advance on everything what would come out of his normal routine and structure. I explained all this on the first day we got there at our meeting including all about Alex at our admittance meeting on the first day and to the social worker within the first two to three weeks. To my surprise, I found out checking the medical records at a later date, that they had a team meeting at the end of April 2003 over me, talking about ´inappropriate behavior´ and ´humping´ behavior by dad. That is after I was informed by one of the other residents, the facility was not really for children but adults, and that Alex was hit with a belt by one of the staff members. I was taking this of course with precaution, but I reported this to the young lady who was taking over as his service coordinator at the time when we met and she met Alex.

She made it an official inquiry. That must have caused this meeting over me. I did make an official complaint to the governor´s office once I found out about it. Nothing ever happened out of it, only that they removed later on, illegally, the ´humping´ part of it. I have written letters, over 100 emails during Alex´s stay there and had to make sure to force them in 2004, to include my correspondence into Alex´s medical records at Rosewood Center.

On May 28th, 2003 at night, Alex was admitted again into an ER, this time because he was throwing up his food. It was the Northwest Hospital. In the morning, an x-ray was performed and air was found in his stomach. I asked the doctor if stress could be involved. Alex´s stomach was opened and there was an ulcer found which had erupted. The doctor came out and told me I was right about the stress. His life was on the line. Alex was in tremendous pain, but only knows how to express this by acting up. I like to mention now that Alex had lost his weight because we did go through medication change and a diet cure at KKI. His weight being admitted to Rosewood Center was a good 180 pounds, which is his weight right now as well. But by the time Alex got out of Northwest Hospital he was down to under 150 pounds.

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