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I was not able to get Dr. Kaplan and he was pushed out of the door by Friday, under the threat of abandonment. DDA was scrambling to find placement in a rush, which was a totally crazy situation. I was totally in panic and stressed, thinking what Alex and everybody around had to endure. The Chimes agency got involved and found a private home with respite care in the last minute. It was insane with a little old lady and a worker who never met Alex before. I knew it was a disaster again. The guy from the agency was just chasing the streets with his van.

The next morning he called me early: ´We got to move. I´ll pick you up in 20 minutes.´ There we go again, moving to next home. Alex hurt the respite workers over there and destroyed lamps etc. I offered Monday to come over to help them to take Alex for a walk around the lake, which was right there. The lady said: No, we will handle it. At 10:30 pm, Monday night, March 24th she called me up and informed that Alex was transported to the ER at Union Memorial Hospital. My heart fell to the ground. I took the taxi to the ER. I asked them to take Alex for a walk around the hospital, which he loves to do and calm him down. Nobody listened it did not work well with their procedures. They stripped Alex down and injected him with medication.

When that did not work, they put him into holding tank at the ER. This time it was worse than ever. One time the respite worker just left and I had to call after the agency. The next morning, being up since the morning before, I asked the nurse if I could go home to get a couple of hours sleep, so I don´t end up in the ER myself. Again, I was threatened with child abandonment and custody relinquishment. The head nurse threatened me with the police and arrest because of that. Only the head psychiatrist understood and made sure I was able to go home for three hours to get a couple of hours of rest. On Wednesday, DDA put something together with the state facility Rosewood Center in Owings Mills, Maryland, as a respite care situation until we would find a suitable group home for Alex. What could we do, but again put trust into a situation. That was March 26, 2003. Pain after pain followed.

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