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The next morning, I was to go to an immigration court hearing at the Federal Building in Baltimore. I hired an attorney for my immigration matter. I told the ER staff what I had to attend to. They said I could not go because if I leave Alex there with them, it would be child abandonment and they would send the police after me. I called my attorney about five times that morning. My attorney did not advise me or the ER staff of the problem I was facing if I did not appear for that hearing. I stayed with my child and no idea that at the time, my attorney did not even go to the hearing and immigration court filed a non appearance violation and deportation order on me, which I was able to reverse in the summer of 2003, after firing my attorneys and filing a motion to reopen my case with the court. Anyway, Alex was readmitted to the NBU at KKI on November 20th, 2002.

Alex came back home on January 7th, 2003. This time I thought I put together the support with one on one personal to help to make it for him in the apartment. Staff and Alex came visiting at the home, they went to school, all part of the training. It seem all great, which is of course is all relative. The agency again could not find any help for us.

Before I came to Baltimore, it happened that after Adrienne made it to Baltimore in 2001, Peaches, the youngest and twin sister of Darrel DeBarge, met a young man through the internet, Jerome, and got married to him in March of 2002. They moved to Baltimore from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I like to mention at this time I was able to give a start to DeBarge, the Motown group, back in 1979 and I have had a relationship with them since then, as well as with their oldest brothers Bobby and Tommy, who were part of Switch on Motown. I gave a start to that as well as Chico DeBarge. I also managed Bobby to the end until he lost his life to AIDS in 1995. Anyway, their mom, Etterlene, moved to Baltimore right after Alex and I. Soon after, Randy, Tommy and Darrel DeBarge moved to Baltimore as well.

In November 2002, Tommy offered to become Alex´s one on one staff and get trained accordingly through KKI NBU and get hired by the agency. We went through all the procedures. Alex came home and suddenly Tommy started to have personal problems after three days on the job and stopped working. Again, after two weeks, we ended up in the ER at Johns-Hopkins Hospital. This is Alex´s and our worse experience from January 20, 2003 through the March 15, 2004.

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