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We were going from now on a very bumpy, difficult ride since then until March of 2004, with a lot of pain, lies, mistreatment, allegations and Alex almost lost his life at the end of May 2003.

Alex was transported close to the Pennsylvania border at Brook Lane Hospital, in Hagerstown, Maryland where he stayed from January 25 to February 14, 2003, his 16th birthday. I will never forget that day. The transport took me to Hagerstown to visit Alex on his birthday.

We find out we were moving to the next place RICA Southern Maryland, Cheltenham, Maryland, right behind Andrews Air Force Base. We had a tough time following the ambulance then. As always, communication was bad and another driver next to us almost ran us off the freeway. Alex stayed at this new location until March 4th. From there, he was transported, again with us separately driving from Cheltenham as well, to Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Baltimore County. He was supposed to be stabilized there. Unfortunately, I was still trusting the system.

It was a total disaster when Alex went into that behavior unit over there. I had no idea that their system was based totally on medication only. Alex and I met with Doctor Kaplan the prior summer before Alex was admitted to KKI. I trusted the doctor. I was totally disappointed. Alex was put through a total medication change. The unit was still pretty new at the time. Under the impression of a four week stay, we were busy trying to obtain proper placement for Alex at once, together with the help of people at the Baltimore Mental Help System and the Development Disability Administration of Maryland (DDA). Something must have happened on the behavior with Alex, properly about food and the kitchen during the weekend of March 15th to 16th. That Monday, Alex was suppose to take an Ultrasound examination at some other location and they asked me to come there to go with them.

I came that Monday morning and met Dr. Kaplan. I was not able to see Alex and he asked me if they can take Alex without me. I said okay. He mentioned that they had a difficult weekend on the unit that weekend, but had nothing to do with Alex. I knew it was not true. I know Alex and if it comes to food Alex is like Maurice Greene, fast and ready to grab and get it, unless it is organized right. The next day I visited Alex again. I saw he was kind of unhappy. I knew things right in his eyes, because he showed me unhappiness. The social worker told me, while I was with Alex in the kitchen, to give him daddy´s treats: ´By the way, Alex´s insurance coverage was running out by Friday´.

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